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Our Services

Our team of doctors and nurses are ready to attend to your healthcare needs.

Burwood Brickworks Medical Centre is devoted to providing a high quality of personalised care to you. We provide a range of general practice services from preventative health measures and check-ups, to the treatment of minor, chronic and severe conditions. Find out what is ailing you and how we can help you.

Women’s Health

Women’s health is unique and must be handled with care. We offer a range of women’s health services depending on which stage you are in life. Our services include gynaecological check-ups, cervical cancer testing, birth control advice and pregnancy care.

Men’s Health

Addressing the risks that affect men in, we aim to improve the physical and mental health of men by offering prostate exams, cholesterol checks and many more services.

Pediatric Health

From birth to young adulthood, we will provide your children with the best medical healthcare with a spectrum of services catered to the youngest members of our community. These include childhood immunisations, newborn assessments and progress and development health checks.


Vaccines work by triggering the immune system to fight against certain diseases. This is a simple and effective way of protection and reduces the spread of disease. Strengthen the overall health and immunity of the entire community by starting with you and your family.

Travel Medicine

Planning to go abroad? Make the most of your trip by taking the precaution of getting travel medicine specific to your destinations and activities.

Medical Check-Ups

Identify early signs of health issues by seeing our doctors regularly for check-ups, and give yourself the opportunity to get diagnosis and treatment before a problem turns severe.

Early Intervention

We provide effective early support to children and young people who have special developmental, health and support needs and who may be at risk of poor outcomes without extra help to get them on track.

Acute and Chronic Condition Management

From broken bones to asthma, we will help you treat and manage short- and long-term conditions to achieve the best recovery.

Minor Skin Procedures

For common skin conditions, we offer various minor (non-surgical) skin procedures and treatments, including skin checks for early melanoma detection.

Seasonal Vaccines

Annual seasonal vaccinations such as the flu vaccine are recommended to reduce the chances of falling ill. Some seasonal vaccines are free for eligible people.

Antenatal Care

Get peace of mind concerning the health of your unborn child by making use of our antenatal care services, and make sure you and your baby are healthy right up to the birth.


We go beyond treating the symptoms of any illness and will treat a disease at its root, investigating its cause and securing a faster recovery. We have onsite pathology services for your convenience.

Allied Health

Ready to take control of your well-being?

In addition to our extensive list of general practice services, our Allied Health professionals offer their expertise in the following specialty areas:


Dietitians specialise in food, diet management, and nutrition for people who may be affected by health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart
disease, renal disease, gastrointestinal diseases, and food allergies. They can significantly reduce the risk of developing chronic disease through education
about a balanced diet.


Hearing pro
Protect your ears. Hear life clearly.
Hearing pro for everyone. Music, work, or play – find your perfect fit.

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